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Bee's Story

Bees are such an integral part of our ecosystem, the world’s most devoted pollinators. Honey bee are social creatures that enlist a caste system to accomplish the task that ensure the survival of the colony. A Honey colony consists of three adult castes: Worker, drones and Queens.


Worker Bees

All sterile females, have a life span of only six weeks, they are extremely active foraging for food, storing nectar, feeding larvae and producing honey.



The only job of the Male drones is to mate with the Queen during mating flight, and soon after mating, drones die.



The only fertile female in the colony, within each colony, a single queen rules her workers and drones, throughout her life, she lays eggs and secretes a pheromone that keeps all other females in the colony sterile, Queen can survive up to five years.

The Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

Day 1
Queen lays egg.

Day 4
Egg hatches, larva appears. Workers feed larva.

Day 5
Pupa stage begins.

Day 10
Workers cap the cell with wax and the larva spins a cocoon.

Day 22
Adult bee chews through the wax cap and joins the colony.

Days 22 - 24
Cleaners - The first duties are cleaning the cells so more eggs can be laid.

Days 24 - 32
Nurses - Feeding and tending to the brood.

Days 32 - 40
Builders - Produce wax in abdominal glands allowing them to build honeycomb, seal and cap cells.

Days 40 - 43
Guards - Protect the hive from potential invaders.

Days 43 and onwards
Foragers - Search for pollen (food) and nextar (honey production).

About Honey

Royal-B A.Mangium Honey is rich in Vitamins, mineral, antioxidants(1) & variety of active enzymes, which is the most natural & purest health food for your family. 

The bees produced our honey from nectar & pollen collected from Acacia Mangium trees, a tree species with high Nitrogen Fixing property and has 3 times greater CO2 absorption capacity. The color, flavor and aroma of honey differs depending on the nectar, even the same Acacia Mangium trees in same location may produce slight different nectar from year to year depending on temperature, rainfalls & climate.

Honey Benefits: 
Honey is believed to have myriad of medical qualities. It is known to improve immune system(2), replenish energy(3), beautifying skin(4), suppress coughs(5) & so much more. Royal-B A.Mangium Honey is very different from other brands of acacia honey internationally. It is because Malaysia Acacia Mangium Honey contained numerous natural goodness associated with wild forest honey(6).

Although honey is a wholesome and natural food, it’s not recommended for infants below 12 months old. Honey can contain spores of bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, which can geminate in baby’s immature digestive system and cause infant botulism, a rare but potentially fatal illness. There spores are usually harmless to adults and children over 1 year old, because the microorganisms normally found in the intestine keep the bacteria from growing.

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A Review of Recent Clinical Research.

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Royal-B Products

Natural Sweetness for Healthier Lifestyle


Royal-B A. Mangium Honey - 1kg

Pure Natural Acacia Mangium Honey harvested, blended, filtered and packed under stringent quality control.


Royal-B Premium Raw Honey - 1kg

Special selected Premium grade raw Acacia Mangium Honey, filtered and packed under stringent quality control, ensure purest and freshest Premium honey for healthier lifestyle.


Royal-B Premium Raw Honey - 500g

Special selected Premium grade raw Acacia Mangium Honey, filtered and packed under stringent quality control, ensure purest and freshest Premium honey for healthier lifestyle.


Different types of pure honey can cover a large range of density, flammability and other characteristics. The best way to identify the purity and the authenticity of honey is to go for accredited lab test or Trust your Genuine Honey Supplier/Brand.

Few Simple tests that you may want to try at home, in order to check the purity of honey, but it would not promised a 100% reliable identification of the honey.

a. Water Test
Add honey into a glass filled with water, artificial honey will dissolve immediately, pure honey will sinks and settle at the bottom.


Mix 1 part honey with 8 parts water in a clear bottle, shake well (20-30 seconds), real honey will form fine bubbles and last for hours. Real honey contains pollen, protein and colloidal, so the mixture will somehow looks cloudy and not entirely clear.

b. Paper test
Place a few drops of honey on a paper towel or napkin, pure honey will remain solid, fake honey (diluted with water) will souk through, absorbed or leave a wet mark. 

Crystallization of honey is a gifts of nature, It’s a sign that the honey you’re enjoying is genuine honey. Pure honey contain high natural glucose and fructose, which has a natural tendency to crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than color and texture.

What’s more, the crystallization of honey actually preserves the flavor and quality characteristics of your honey.

Crystallized honey is perfectly consumable in it’s solid state, if you desire to re-liquify it, simply put the jar in warm water.

Not if it’s kept properly and sealed. It’s recognized as one of the food that doesn’t spoil and will last practically forever if stored in the right conditions, due to its unique chemical composition, low moisture content (normally below 19%), and a fairly high acidic level.

Keep your honey in a dry, cool place (room temperature), away from Sunlight, properly sealed.

Storing Pure honey in Glass jar or properly concealed PET food grade bottle (ppl also call it as plastic bottle), kept in room temperatures, away from direct sunlight, your honey can last as long as you wish.

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